Applying for job in the EU Countries

Few useful advices:

Since Hungary joined in the EU (1 May 2004.) we could move and find jobs easier in the European Union.

Ireland and the United Kingdom also joined in the EU in 1973. So we have the same rules in job hunting, healt services, studies…if we like to live in Ireland or in England for few/more years.

Starting with traveling, we could make our journey easier, beacuse our identity card is enough for it.



If somebody just want to go abroad for a temporarly period (for holiday or buisness trip…) we  (European citizens) need the European Health Insurance Card, what is protect us in every EU countries. You can order the card online or you can ask for it from your family doctor.

The card is ensure the burgesses in all EU countries, what they visit. With this card you could take all the medical cares (doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, or other mediacal centers), like the country’s citizens, whose living there.

If somebody like to stay and work for long term in an EU country, they are going to pay them social insurance by them employer with the tax.



The rights of the employee’s free movement is included to work in any other EU states labor market, without any difficulties. So from any EU country’s, immigrants could freely move between the states and apply for any job, without any default in social services.



Emergency calls in the EU countries are standard: The number is 112.